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When we talk about politics and the various issues that are connected to it, we find ourselves in a confusion. Considering the views of intelligent people aligned with mediocrity in governance, I might say a chronic mediocrity from our elected officials, we ask questions relative to our future, the well-being of our children and the future of our society, our country. We are perplexed and we want to get answers. We need positive results from our politicians. We need expert analysis on our situation and we need to devise plans, short and long term plans in an effort to balance our society. Our problems remain the same and it seems like no one notices; it is business as usual. Many people write to criticize and to politicize the various issues that we face nowadays. When we see medical professionals crying and complaining about the cruelty they have encountered at the hospital especially in New York you and I should wonder if there is a place to go where we can feel safe. We have loved ones dying everyday and the reports say that most of them are left there “to rot and die”. This is totally against the oath that those medical professionals have taken. You don’t let anyone “rot and die” even if they are your enemy (depends if n the circumstances, right?). Reports, live-streams show people crying about this type of atrocity imposed. Who is responsible for this? Proponents of a New World Order? I am not well connected to tell you but I strongly believe that someone is responsible for the death of tens of thousands. New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, I learned, blames the Jews for not adhering to orders requiring everyone to cover their face in public. I honestly think that the Jewish community is irresponsible for disobeying orders but that does not make them responsible for this mishandling of a crisis. Here is what I have posted on Facebook commenting on the article. This article seems fair in a lot of ways, a little extreme for suggesting that de Blasio should not mention the defiance of the Jewish community. I would however disagree with the idea that the Jews caused those people to die. I doubt this is what he said but in those circumstances de Blasio owns everything that deal with NYC Covid19 responses and results. Shutting down New York City is unprecedented because of the colossal amount of money that did not change hands for over 6 weeks. Is it the Jews? It is not the Jews, it is mostly Bill de Blasio and his administration’s fault. While I take this side I am still wondering if there is anything anybody could have done better to prevent this mess. Since we must always have someone to blame, we are going to blame the US president, Donald Trump, the governors of every state and the mayors of every city. Hmm, I feel better now.


“L’essentiel” se transforme en une émission à caractère social, politique, religieux et culturel. Un étalage d’idées, d’opinion, de recherches, de point de vue et de faits divers aboutissant à une conclusion qui se formera exclusivement autour du débat. C’est quoi l’essentiel? Ginette Reno dirait que l’essentiel c’est d’être aimé, les luxembourgeois diraient que c’est le portail de nouvelles le plus rapide, d’autres diraient que c’est le restaurant le plus chic de toute la Belgique. et je vous dirais que c’est l’émission la plus candide que nous puissions avoir à travers le monde.  Jugez-en vous-mêmes et dites-nous si l’Essentiel de Gabriel Benoit n’est pas tout à fait l’essentiel.

Une émission conçue pour les amis des grands débats. Bientôt en ligne sur notre blog.

The Word of God

The Word of God

To all of you young Christians of age and of heart, this is the Word of God for this week. The Lord has blessed us abundantly and we ought to give Him praise for He is worthy.  We are members of the same family let’s continue to love one another. 

Our meditation for the week is found in Psalms 34:7-9: “The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them. Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Oh fear the Lord, you His saints! There is no want to those who fear Him.”

Last week we talked about love. Love will constantly be a part of your daily relationship with God.  This week I want to tell you that if you could see what is going on around you throughout the days of your lives you would be very eager to seek refuge under the wings of God.  The fallen angels are around and their mission is to destroy us but the good news is that God has twice as many angels to protect us against our evil foes.  The Bible says that Satan was kicked out of heaven with one third of the angels and by a simple mathematical calculation we know that there are two third left serving God faithfully and therefore protecting us.  What a wonderful God we serve! While there may be danger around us, our God provides a double portion of protection for us.

The key term this week is “the fear of God”.  We are not afraid of God but we respect and honor Him through the relationship that we have been trying to develop with Him.  I urge you to give God the place that He deserves in your life and if God is number 1 in your life the words of verse 7 will be accomplished in your favor day after day.  When you fear the Lord, you will be delivered of all your troubles.  God will find ways for you when there is no way and this is a small token of His love for us.  We all have gone through some troubles and we may be going through some right now and sometimes they are of our own making, well, my friends, God is faithful He will never fail you.  He is not like me who may not keep my promises His words are Yes and Amen according to 2 Cor. 1:20.

You have taste buds and you know what’s good when it gets in your mouth.  I challenge you today, friends and family members to try God.  Try the Lord to taste His goodness.  Once you make your first experience with God you will see that there is none other than Him to deal with.  You will see that there is none other like Him.  He is generous (Ps 37:4), He is faithful (Deut 7:9), He is love (1 John 4:8) and above all these He gives his children eternal life through Jesus-Christ our Lord.  Decide today to fear and honor the Lord for just 10 days and see the positive transformation in your life.  There will be no turning back because you will be forever attached to God.

There is no wants to those who fear Him (v. 9).  You are for the most part college students, some of you are educators and parents and preachers.  You may be making big life decisions right now I tell you that you will SURELY be successful if you fear the Lord.  Your problems will go away and God will bless you beyond your expectations.

Fear the Lord my brothers and sisters, start anew with Him, give Him the opportunity to use you and you will see how the God of deliverance that we serve will move into your life and make you a blessing for other people every day of your life all the way to eternal life.  May your week be blessed and may you share your blessings with others for the glory of God. Amen!

I think this one is appropriate for today’s subject

My Opinion

I have a few friends who keep me updated with the news, the rumors and whatever else they think is interesting enough to either help me get a laugh or say hmmm.  They send me emails that they have received from others and there is no analysis made on those texts.  They are from blogs and other sources that are not objective because those lines were written for the purpose of making a case against an entity or simply criticize. While I am a critic of the government of Haiti, I take time to analyze issues before taking a stand because I refuse to make a fool of myself by embracing unsubstantiated anecdotes. I have not given a good grade to the Haitian government since the earthquake.  This Monday morning, I have read a couple of those important articles that everyone talks about: Oil in Haiti.  This is an important topic.

I am perplexed about the situation in Haiti that suddenly transformed a lot of people into experts.  Those experts are there to point fingers and to criticize while they will not do anything to help Haiti.  What’s your expertise? Right now, Haiti needs people who have attended universities here or there with an advanced degree and most of all with integrity and a brain that thinks clearly for the people.  We don’t need demagogues with a short agenda because we are in long term trouble therefore we need long term solutions that will need to be reviewed and revised on a regular basis.  I have heard in the past that those who were thought to be godsend came up with development plans with no option of building human capital.  Who would develop those plans and how would they get implemented are still pending questions. They thought that their megalomaniac point of views would change Haiti’s status and get them credit as the savior of the nation.  There are things that you need to know.  Haiti will not change as long as the people living there don’t change.  From rags to riches, if everyone of those poor Haitians receive $1 million, their millionaire status would not change Haiti as long as they don’t change their ways within their society.  A country is its people. Kesner Pharel talked about that in one of his shows on Radio Métropole, I loved that expression.  We can find dozens of articles related to this expression throughout the web, magazines and newspaper articles.  While diversification is important in the mix of a nation, negativity has no place.  It is like spreading gangrene where the end result will be amputation of a limb or death. Those so-called experts on the Haitian problems come from all walks of life and I am amazed to see that they are also citizens of other countries living in Haiti. 

Well, we all know that every Haitian has the solution to our island nation’s problem.  They do point on everything except the real problem, the people.  A country is its people may be a sad depiction of Haiti right now but I must tell you this is the truth.  We are in chaos because we never plan for the future. We are in trouble because we never thought that we would be hit so hard.  We learned since we were children that we must prepare ourselves to face anything.  We have learned never to trust men but yet we trusted our leaders and for the past 50 years we can barely find anything they have done for the nation.  François Duvalier repressed us with the tontons macoutes, his son Jean-Claude gave us a similar dose.  Namphy, Avril and the other military leaders continued the Duvalier era with a camouflage.  Manigat would have been better, I hope, but he compromised his chances and was ousted by Namphy, he was lucky to be left alive.  Aristide, though a demagogue in his language did not have his chance, Préval, hmmm, I don’t know.  Aristide came back, boycotted by his formers friends and foes, and again was ousted (maybe I should look deeper into that) and Préval again, you’re kidding me right! Twenty four years after Jean-Claude Duvalier Haiti has only gone backward except in few areas but nothing has changed for the nation as a whole.  If I have to repeat that a country is its people, I will blame the Haitian people for allowing such things to come their way.  It is not the fault of those politicians but rather that of my brothers and sisters for letting go even when they see that nothing goes right.  It is time for a new era and this new era starts now.

I made the approach to negativity because I see the tendency in a lot of texts, emails and opinions and facts that I have read since January 12, 2010, the day that doomed Port-au-Prince and many other areas of Haiti. The Americans were the first to go to Haiti because they are looking for oil, the Canadian were next because their governor general has Haitian blood running through her veins.  The Haitian president was complaining that God is really after him because he lost his private residence and his “Palais National”.  It seems to me that the Americans and Canadians were compassionate, they were there even though they did not lose anything, they could have said we have no business there – Oh I forgot, the oil. President Préval did not lose any of those 230,000+ Haitian lives under those rubbles.  He traveled to Ecuador and God knows if his mind was not wandering along the shores of Miami while the people he supposed to lead did not have the basic necessities, I mean the bare minimum.  Where is the negativity in all of this?

I said earlier that we need a new era and this new era starts now.  We need to take charge of our future.  The environment needs to be protected, our legacy needs to kept safe and most of all our education system needs to be overhauled for if the people were literate they would have been able to make intelligent analyses of the political spectrum and not fall for the demagogueries of those politicians of the past 2 decades.  A country is its people.  Haiti accepts unevenness in its government not because its politicians are ordinary but because its people don’t know what’s good for them.  If we do not act now, the presidential election which should be cancelled will bring to power another average politician with no sound agenda and no long term vision for the dying nation.  Here we need to be very careful.

There is ambiguity in the Haitian circle.  Ambiguity we all know is whenever there is a lack of clarity in your words or actions.  The Haitian institutions were dead before the earthquake and now maybe they are buried without a funeral like it was the case for a lot of our brothers and sisters.  What’s next?  Where is the Haitian government?  Those of you who are complaining that the Americans have taken over the Airport of Haiti you need to know that your president, your prime minister and your other leaders are invisible?  Are they still in charge or have they relinquished power? There are 13500 or 20000 American soldiers in Haiti right now.  If it was not for them and the rescue team of the world what would have become of Haiti one month after?  I, Gabriel Benoit, want to say Thanks to the world for what is being done in Haiti.


We need to be cautious and reconsider those political factions in Haiti and make the leaders change the processes.  Why should we have 34 presidential candidates?  Let’s decide it with primary elections.  From 34 candidates we want to reduce it to a much lower number half way through.  After the first round of the primaries any candidate with less than 10% of the departmental vote has reached the end of his/her candidacy.  I also want to say that the 65 political parties that make the political arena in Haiti need to be eliminated or at least mixed to avoid wasting the time of the nation.  In Haiti, politics is on the left, the far left, and this is the same ideologies and trends that continue there is absolutely no difference in political point of views in Haiti but yet the number of candidates never ceases to increase.  There must be some very interesting things going on for ordinary citizens when they become elected officials. While I would encourage many, especially the young Haitian professionals, to run for office, I would also urge them to focus on eliminating corruption.  In Haiti there are some well educated people with solid experience in their areas of expertise.  They should invest in the future of the nation instead of training themselves to become corrupt politicians unable to give accurate accounts of their actions even if they have only one month in office.  We must say We, The People, don’t want the bad end of the deals anymore.  We need to hold everyone accountable for their actions in government without fear of reprisal. 

The office of the President has inherent powers that can regulate the market, fix the fiscal issues and create opportunities for every Haitian among other things.  The office of the President must stop the corruption and use those funds to create opportunities for the people.  The greatest gift of all that the government of Haiti can give the nation is adequate education.  Once this is done and the children of Haiti go to school from a tender age until university or vocational or other third level education, we will be able to claim the success seen in South Korea, Singapore and the other countries of the world that are considered newly industrialized nations (NIC).  It will not take a long time for that to happen just 40 years if it starts in October 2010.

Haitian nurses honored

Florence Nightingale Award given for the first time to three Haitian nurses.

The following was sent to me by Ariel Colin, my brother-in-law.  Michaelle Colin, one of the recipients, is his sister and of course my sister-in-law. 

Congratulations to you my dear Michaelle in this occasion.  I want to make myself the spokesperson for all of those you have helped throughout your career.  May God bless you.

Here we go

This is the first time in history that the medal, which is being given
exceptionally in 2010, has been awarded to Haitian health workers. This is the
first of this award in 2010. 1,309 exceptional nurses from around the world have
received the Florence Nightingale Medal since it was first awarded in 1920.

The Florence Nightingale Medal is the highest award which can be bestowed on
nurses and nursing aides who have distinguished themselves in caring for victims
of a conflict or natural disaster. It was started by the Red Cross in 1912,
initially awarded to women nurses. In 1991 it was changed to also include men.

The award is named for the legendary English nurse Florence Nightingale
(1820-1910) who persuaded the British government to permit women nurses to
assist male doctors in caring for war wounded. She was dubbed “The Lady with the
Lamp” after her habit of making rounds at night, during the Crimean War. She is
the mother of professional nursing. In 1860 she founded the first secular
nursing school in history. Just as doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, nurses
take the Nightingale Pledge.

The medal is going to three Haitian nurses, Germaine Pierre-Louis, Michaëlle
Colin and Jude Célorge thanks to their work in the Haitian 2010 earthquake
disaster, and other exceptional nursing service. They were chosen for the
exceptional courage they demonstrated helping victims of the earthquake that
struck on 12 January 2010, and for many years of selfless work in behalf of sick
and wounded people. The awards will be presented by another nurse, Christiane
Augsburger, a member of the Assembly of the International Committee of the Red
Cross (ICRC) and chairwoman of the committee that selects the medal winners.
Each of the three Haitian health workers will also receive a limited-edition
silver commemorative coin issued by the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom on the
occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of Florence Nightingale.
Germaine Pierre-Louis is a nurse who is president of the south-east branch of
the Haitian National Red Cross Society. Despite losing her own home in the
earthquake, Ms Pierre-Louis arranged for hundreds of survivors in the city of
Jacmel to receive care.
Michaëlle Colin, chief nurse at the Port-au-Prince Sanatorium, worked in tents
since the earthquake destroyed the hospital buildings. Thanks to her efforts the
sanatorium, a referral hospital for tuberculosis patients, was the first
hospital to resume services after the earthquake.
Jude Célorge, for many long years has been the head of a Haitian National Red
Cross Society rescue team in Martissant, a problem area in Port-au-Prince.

My primary information sources:
AlertNet news of crises around the world;
International Committee of the Red Cross;
Wikipedia has an article specifically on Florence Nightingale, and also her role
in the history of Feminism, and then there is a stub on this medal.
Tags: Florence-Nightingale, Germaine-Pierre-Louis, History, Jude-Celorge, Medal,
Medicine, Michaelle-Colin, Nurse, Red-Cross


Many people seem concerned about the role of the United States in particular in Haiti.  They think that there is a progressive takeover since the earthquake.  What good does it do Haiti right now for anyone to be preoccupied by what the Americans are doing there?  The important point is that they may have been the first to come to the rescue of the Haitians because of their proximity and their desire to show that they care.  Some of you have said that this is propaganda for Obama but I don’t think so because he could have kept his distances.  He made promises to help and he has kept them.  Not only has he helped but the entire country even those who think that Haiti is cursed have told me they sent 291 tons of relief materials to Haiti.  When you look at the telethon that brought in excess of $58 milion you only need to say Thank You to those artists who participate and whoever put this effort together.  The Americans have done a lot since January 12, 2010.  I cannot say but positive things about CNN.  We need to thank God for Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta and  the entire CNN crew on location in Haiti. 

I personally have nothing against the Americans, I am Haitian-American and I would not do any less than what they have done.  I need to admit that Haiti had nothing that could take care of this major problem.  The world and the Americans came to the rescue, we just need to say thanks.  We are not going to let our pens and our desire to make the headlines spoil the wonderful deeds that the world has done toward Haiti. Instead we need to be humble  and ask ourselves how would things be if those people that we think are there to take over our country did not come to the rescue. 

I hate to make reference to Paul Shirley but one true thing he said in his article “against” helping Haiti is that we did not have anything in place to help ourselves in case of a disaster given that we have had so many catastrophes in this decade alone that we have not learned anything from them.  Should I blame Preval, Latortue, Aristide for doing nothing about those problems?  Problably that would be a waste of time.  We have been sick so many times we have a pretty good idea of the medicine to take to cure us of this sickness.  While we are laying down flat on our stomac, the world is helping us to get up, I promise you that we will stay up and will be proud of our accomplishment in the next two decades.  Our resiliency will get us through this time of trouble and Haiti shall rise.

Give Haiti a chance

The world should by now be educated about Haiti.  The country that was the richest French colony is now regarded as the POOREST NATION OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE.   The world is right to call Haiti the poorest nation of the western hemisphere and whether you think it is – that was just “upgraded'” or “downgraded”  – the poorest nation of the world depends on how you look at it and is totally irrelevant right now.  I will tell you why.

Pat Robertson, I may have taken his words out of context like his editor told me in an email this morning, made his case on Haiti when he said they made a pact with the devil in 1791 and ever since that day they were cursed.  Haiti was so cursed that our American neighbors whom we have helped at Savannah refused to recognize the successful work of the slaves of St-Domingue for more than half a century.  The Haitian slaves revolt has set a firm example for the slaves of North America, The United States did not like that a bit.  With the Haitian slogan live free or die, the American slaves were tired of the treatment their white masters were inflicting upon them so they decided to start sporadic revolts.  (Dr. Maulana Karenga drafted the picture of the American slaves in their quest for freedom in his book Introduction to Black Studies, a must read.) Those were HARSHLY crushed by the Americans because their economic success depended on the hard labor of those slaves.  The world alienated the Haitians.  They had no guidance, no trade partners and no economic models to follow.  During those years of “diplomatic drought” in Haiti, the nations of the world militarily insulted the young nation time and time again.  The Germans dropped by and demanded ransom because of a silly story about a presumed thief named Présumé.  In 1825 Charles X of France ordered Haiti to pay in order for their independence to be recognized.  That money to pay dragged Haiti to this economic mud that is following her until today.  Well, the independence should have been recognized because Haiti beat France in a fair fight, Napoleon’s mighty army capitulated – a vision of raising the white flag, saying I give up.  What more did you want? Do we need an impartial referee?  I think we do.

Since 1804, Haiti is paying the price of a victory.  It was fair and square, no cheating.  The British were at that time fighting Napoleon and the French. They make an unofficial request to the Haitian authorities asking them to kill the remaining French nationals in the country and they will carry them on their wings providing them what they need.  Well, my friend, Dessalines accepted, this was the pact with the devil, call it a second one if you will, the real one.  Right after that the British turned their back on Haiti.  The Americans were outraged, the rest of the world who heard of that, while they may have been contemplating having diplomatic ties with Haiti backed out. Those negroes had to pay for what they have done.  Indeed they had paid for slaying the French without mercy.  Generation after generations the Haitians have to pay for that ordeal and even in the 21st century after a devastating earthquake that took 217, 000 lives and counting, the debt is still not paid in full.  Will you give Haiti a chance?

Pat Robertson’s sidekick told me in that email this morning that they have sent 291 tons of reliefs to Haiti.  Maybe this is his way to apologize for his mistake.  Rush Limbaugh said that the US income tax is help to Haiti.  I have to laugh because I have never heard such nonsense.  Indeed , Rushbo, the US Department of Treasury sent Haiti a refund check every year with a lot of Earned Income Credit (EIC).  I wonder if he had ever gone to college.   I pity those people who listen to his entertainment that only deals with negativities at best.  He is a champion carried only by his mouth, no brain at all.   While those two plus Paul Shirley don’t seem to be touched by the death of 217,000 people, the rest of the world has shown compassion and flew to help Haiti today.  I am happy that most nations helped but I am still asking the powerful nations of the world to give Haiti a chance to get back on her feet.  Here are my thoughts.  I don’t want to take a fish from you I would prefer that you make me a fishing expert.  In other words I want to do just like you have been doing so I can be as successful as you are.  I want to make this deal with you, can we shake hands on it?

I hate to pick on the French after beating them so badly in 1803 but they are the one who started all this.  They should have left Haiti alone after 1793 but no, they were so greedy wanting to get richer with free labor and came back to get humiliated.  I say the French are the first ones who need to give Haiti a chance. Give Haiti a chance to rebuild her cities, her economy and her future.  Help Haiti and her government understand the importance of literacy and erect schools and universities for her children and out of nothing those kids will bring out success.  Send French scholars to rebuild the Haitian educational system. Team up with the Haitian living abroad who are scholars, we have those working as professors in universities in North America and many other parts of the world.  Even I will be able to lend a helping hand. Hey I can drive those scholars around town on Sunday afternoon. Those that are currently in Haiti will be part of the team that will give Haiti a new face in 2030. 

I have read many years ago that “leaning on the past is working for the future.”  This may have come from Edmond Rostand or Jules Verne, I hope one of my readers remember.  Haiti’s past is filled with negatives. Deep misery is a corollary of dictatorship, corruption in government, selfishness, monopoly, lack of planning for the nation’s future, unaccountability, and illiteracy.  I could think of a lot of other negatives that have plagued Haiti throughout the years but pointing to them will not make things any better.  As we discover them, we will tackle them and make them part of a sad story and bury them.

While our relationship with the United States is at its peak, we need to ask them to make Haiti a strategic point in their foreign policy agenda by helping with the reconstruction project.  The reconstruction project to me is not defined simply with erecting those buildings that have not resisted the earthquake but rather a socio-economic approach that will definitely include education.  It will take just one generation to turn things around in Haiti.  People like myself who have less time to live then they have lived have nothing to gain but maybe a legacy that they have made a difference, a point of reference that they were part of the reconstruction of a nation.  I consider Haiti as a new born that needs to be nurtured, guided, protected while being educated.  And like a child growing up, the notions that are taught will not be forgotten but instead will be made useful in the daily challenges.

The country has not been swallowed up but she is on her butt asking someone to help her get up.  I am not an official of the Haitian government.  I am only myself, Gabriel Benoit, a man with a vision for Haiti.   Once we receive full cooperation of our friends, Haiti will get that chance, a chance that is right now non-existent because Haitian resources are not adequate to make such things happen.  Haiti needs a sudden shift.  Haiti needs an opportunity to make a change, the change that will make her the nation that she never had the chance to become.  The world turned away from her for the past 206 years but today the world is with her showing her love and giving her attention.  It is the right time to lend the ultimate helping hand and give the Haitians their first real chance to use their motto that I prefer to say in French than its English translation: “L’union Fait La Force.”

Haiti’s future

Written on vendredi 5 février 2010

My friends think that I should not talk about politics on my blog but I am so eager to express my opinion that I have ignored them on that aspect. I am sure they will not comment on this article but they still love me and this is what counts for me.

Crisis in Haiti is not News for the world except this time it is of overwhelming proportion. The January 12, 2010 earthquake changed the face of Haiti and will most likely change the way Haitians and the Haitian government deal with daily routines. The daily routine and the economy of Haiti is another topic but right now we want to focus on what needs to happen in the short run if this nation is to be sovereign.

Haiti’s scheduled elections were cancelled after Port-au-Prince has been destroyed by a powerful and shallow earthquake. As a result the country is partially paralyzed with hundred of thousand displaced individuals waiting for help. How will Haiti, one year before its presidential election, handle the seemingly pressing emergency of earthquake victim, the growing poverty, and a transition of power? My friends, this is not an easy task and I am sure the absent minded Haitian leaders don’t have a clue. Well my friends, I don’t know either but I am in a better position to give them ideas because I am outside looking in, I will not run for office and I will not be anything important in politics over there.

Jean Max Bellerive is the Prime Minister, we should all agree that Haiti cannot afford presidential election right now because there is no money. Whatever the country has should be devoted to help rebuild in preparing a better tomorrow. On February 7, 2011, René Préval will step down as president if not before, he needs to and he knows it. The president of the Supreme Court should be president of the country and he will be wise to keep Bellerive as the interim Prime Minister as long as the Prime Minister’s performances can reassure the people that he is a leader. I am sure Jean Max Bellerive will not have a problem to serve his people. Within two years, Haiti can probably handle elections and the recovery period will already be ongoing, people will have jobs with the rebuilding of the Capital and the surrounding destroyed areas. This is my opinion and I welcome yours.

A daily dose

Here is what’s going on.  Every day I go to work, I mean Monday through Friday.  I go by Express bus allowing myself the time to read, relax and not worry about getting aggravated by stupid drivers.  I hope you are not one of them.  Well, hey, they are males and females and sometimes, I have names for them because they are called every name in the book. What book! Go figure.  It seems like they take numbers to annoy me on the road and the most difficult thing to swallow on the Express Ways is when they flip me a bird after acting stupidly.  Boy, my moment of insanity kicks in fast and in my mind I have just murdered that person.  Can you imagine dying like that, this is really another form of stupid death. A woman is dead on Monday and a man on Tuesday.  Almost every week, I killed two men and three women.  This happens in the morning, in the afternoon/evening when I am returning home, traffic is light 99% of the time. Well of course when I don’t go to work no one dies.  Maybe you wished I got fired.  But guess what happens when I get a new job? – Same repetitive cycle.

People you should thank the GA Express for  stopping my serial killings.  So without being paid by GA Express, I am telling you it is a great thing to ride with them going to work day after day.  If it were not for them, I know exactly where I would be and many of you would be virtual widows.