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The Word of God

The Word of God

To all of you young Christians of age and of heart, this is the Word of God for this week. The Lord has blessed us abundantly and we ought to give Him praise for He is worthy.  We are members of the same family let’s continue to love one another. 

Our meditation for the week is found in Psalms 34:7-9: “The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them. Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Oh fear the Lord, you His saints! There is no want to those who fear Him.”

Last week we talked about love. Love will constantly be a part of your daily relationship with God.  This week I want to tell you that if you could see what is going on around you throughout the days of your lives you would be very eager to seek refuge under the wings of God.  The fallen angels are around and their mission is to destroy us but the good news is that God has twice as many angels to protect us against our evil foes.  The Bible says that Satan was kicked out of heaven with one third of the angels and by a simple mathematical calculation we know that there are two third left serving God faithfully and therefore protecting us.  What a wonderful God we serve! While there may be danger around us, our God provides a double portion of protection for us.

The key term this week is “the fear of God”.  We are not afraid of God but we respect and honor Him through the relationship that we have been trying to develop with Him.  I urge you to give God the place that He deserves in your life and if God is number 1 in your life the words of verse 7 will be accomplished in your favor day after day.  When you fear the Lord, you will be delivered of all your troubles.  God will find ways for you when there is no way and this is a small token of His love for us.  We all have gone through some troubles and we may be going through some right now and sometimes they are of our own making, well, my friends, God is faithful He will never fail you.  He is not like me who may not keep my promises His words are Yes and Amen according to 2 Cor. 1:20.

You have taste buds and you know what’s good when it gets in your mouth.  I challenge you today, friends and family members to try God.  Try the Lord to taste His goodness.  Once you make your first experience with God you will see that there is none other than Him to deal with.  You will see that there is none other like Him.  He is generous (Ps 37:4), He is faithful (Deut 7:9), He is love (1 John 4:8) and above all these He gives his children eternal life through Jesus-Christ our Lord.  Decide today to fear and honor the Lord for just 10 days and see the positive transformation in your life.  There will be no turning back because you will be forever attached to God.

There is no wants to those who fear Him (v. 9).  You are for the most part college students, some of you are educators and parents and preachers.  You may be making big life decisions right now I tell you that you will SURELY be successful if you fear the Lord.  Your problems will go away and God will bless you beyond your expectations.

Fear the Lord my brothers and sisters, start anew with Him, give Him the opportunity to use you and you will see how the God of deliverance that we serve will move into your life and make you a blessing for other people every day of your life all the way to eternal life.  May your week be blessed and may you share your blessings with others for the glory of God. Amen!

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