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When we talk about politics and the various issues that are connected to it, we find ourselves in a confusion. Considering the views of intelligent people aligned with mediocrity in governance, I might say a chronic mediocrity from our elected officials, we ask questions relative to our future, the well-being of our children and the future of our society, our country. We are perplexed and we want to get answers. We need positive results from our politicians. We need expert analysis on our situation and we need to devise plans, short and long term plans in an effort to balance our society. Our problems remain the same and it seems like no one notices; it is business as usual. Many people write to criticize and to politicize the various issues that we face nowadays. When we see medical professionals crying and complaining about the cruelty they have encountered at the hospital especially in New York you and I should wonder if there is a place to go where we can feel safe. We have loved ones dying everyday and the reports say that most of them are left there “to rot and die”. This is totally against the oath that those medical professionals have taken. You don’t let anyone “rot and die” even if they are your enemy (depends if n the circumstances, right?). Reports, live-streams show people crying about this type of atrocity imposed. Who is responsible for this? Proponents of a New World Order? I am not well connected to tell you but I strongly believe that someone is responsible for the death of tens of thousands. New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, I learned, blames the Jews for not adhering to orders requiring everyone to cover their face in public. I honestly think that the Jewish community is irresponsible for disobeying orders but that does not make them responsible for this mishandling of a crisis. Here is what I have posted on Facebook commenting on the article. This article seems fair in a lot of ways, a little extreme for suggesting that de Blasio should not mention the defiance of the Jewish community. I would however disagree with the idea that the Jews caused those people to die. I doubt this is what he said but in those circumstances de Blasio owns everything that deal with NYC Covid19 responses and results. Shutting down New York City is unprecedented because of the colossal amount of money that did not change hands for over 6 weeks. Is it the Jews? It is not the Jews, it is mostly Bill de Blasio and his administration’s fault. While I take this side I am still wondering if there is anything anybody could have done better to prevent this mess. Since we must always have someone to blame, we are going to blame the US president, Donald Trump, the governors of every state and the mayors of every city. Hmm, I feel better now.

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“L’essentiel” se transforme en une émission à caractère social, politique, religieux et culturel. Un étalage d’idées, d’opinion, de recherches, de point de vue et de faits divers aboutissant à une conclusion qui se formera exclusivement autour du débat. C’est quoi l’essentiel? Ginette Reno dirait que l’essentiel c’est d’être aimé, les luxembourgeois diraient que c’est le portail de nouvelles le plus rapide, d’autres diraient que c’est le restaurant le plus chic de toute la Belgique. et je vous dirais que c’est l’émission la plus candide que nous puissions avoir à travers le monde.  Jugez-en vous-mêmes et dites-nous si l’Essentiel de Gabriel Benoit n’est pas tout à fait l’essentiel.

Une émission conçue pour les amis des grands débats. Bientôt en ligne sur notre blog.

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